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The HIGH TECH DOOR BELL for the 21st Century!

DorHawk 2000
Anodised Aluminium
(machined from solid bar)
Speak to visitors at your door, on your own telephone, before deciding whether to admit them!

DorHawk is a thoughtfully designed, user-friendly Access Control System that extends the functionality of standard telephone installations, including DECT (cordless). A neat and unobtrusive intercom panel, fitted at the main point of entry, is wired to a small internally fitted electronics module, which in turn plugs into the existing telephone Master Socket.

Pressing the intercom panel button triggers the electronics module to ring the (existing) telephone. On lifting the receiver, two-way communication is established. To admit the caller, a simple code may be entered on the telephone keypad to remotely operate the (optional) Door electric strike.

DorHawk Euro
ABS Moulding

DorHawk 3000
Stainless Steel

System Features:

Remote Interrogation talk to a caller at your door from any extension or DECT (cordless) telephone.
Remote Admission callers can be admitted from any extension telephone or from anywhere within DECT range (requires optional Door electric strike).
Visitor Indication the ringing cadence produced by the system is different to the normal one, so users can tell if a call is from the door or is an incoming telephone call. Also, if the telephone is in use when a visitor calls, this is signalled with an audible 'beep'. The call in progress may then be put on hold and the visitor taken care of before resuming the original call.
No Call Charges Incurred the system does not make any outgoing calls to the public telephone network.
Failsafe Operation normal telephone operation is unaffected; even if the DorHawk system should ever break down.
Regulations Compliant designed to meet all relevent EC regulations.
Well Designed Product the system is relatively simple to install and involves a minimal amount of wiring. No-fuss, plug-in connectors are used wherever possible.
Choice of Models the externally mounted Intercom Panel is available in a variety of aesthetic styles and materials, including ABS, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass. The 3000 model offers a built-in video camera option.

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