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One & two button systems offering optional security video camera
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The 'Wire-less' Door Entry System that can be answered using the Resident's own telephone or Mobile

TeleHawk is a revolutionary concept in Door Entry Systems:

Say goodbye to the thankless chore of trying to fit a dedicated intercom 'phone' in each apartment before Hell freezes over (why are the occupants always out when you want to get in, get it fitted and get in touch?).

Say goodbye to running miles of dedicated cabling. This system relies on cabling that is already in place: telephone lines!

Typical applications:

  • Housing Estate
  • Apartments
  • Business parks
  • Offices
  • Marinas
  • Car Parks
  • Remote offices
  • Emergency Call and Help Points
  • Gates & Barriers

The cost of equipment installation and maintenance is considerably less than the conventional Digital Door Entry Systems on the market today and is easy to install. This is the ideal solution for a wide range of access and communication problems.

All the visitor has to do is press the call button. When the called telephone rings, the Resident picks up the telephone and speaks directly to the front entrance. The panel will also send a signal sound to announce the panel is calling. If the Resident wants to let the visitor in, pressing a code on the telephone keypad releases the door relay or a second relay that can operate a barrier/gate.

INSTALLER PROGRAMMABLE: TeleHawk may be programmed using the same commands and command syntax as used across the entire TeleHawk product range.

TeleHawk can be connected to a standard telephone line or to an extension of a PABX providing the extensions meets the TBR21 specification. NO OTHER POWER SOURCE IS THEN REQUIRED. Alternatively, it can be configured as a GSM Dialler with full connectivity through the GSM network. If the local conditions are suitable, the Porter/Concierge or Warden can use a GSM or DECT (Digital Electronics Cordless Telephone) to open the barrier.

The optional TeleHawk camera output can be injected into the communal TV aerial system, so that the visitor at the panel can be identified on any local TV. Alternatively, The image can be processed using CCTV techniques.

The units are designed and manufactured in the UK. They incorporate the latest technology and are built with reliability in mind. There are already many installations of our products all over the country.

Panel will provide a signal sound to announce the call is from the panel. Programming is achieved by dialing into the panel. Programmable main and secondary numbers. Also available with options - up to ten buttons.

Also, the following options can be fitted to the TeleHawk: - Video camera in Colour - A switcher can allow 4 to 8 systems to share 1 to 3 telephone lines - GSM Dialler

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