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Medium Scale Telephone Based Door Entry System with Keypad
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A mid-range 'Wire-less' Door Entry System that supports access by PIN number in addition to remote access granted by a resident

Take the electronics module from a TeleHawk unit, give it more memory and more features, including a weatherproof, stainless steel keypad and a bigger enclosure, and you have a TeleHawk2.

TeleHawk2 offers the same advantages to the installer as TeleHawk, only more so, because it has sufficient capacity to store the details of up to 30 call points (available with maximum system capacities of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 call points). Also, thanks to the keypad, one can gain admission simply by entering a valid PIN number. Those who don't have a PIN number can enter a valid flat/apartment/unit number. TeleHawk2 then calls the telephone number associated with the flat/apartment/unit. If this number is busy or there is no reply, TeleHawk2 can automatically try a second number, which could even belong to a mobile phone... so you can even let someone in when nobody is at home!

Typical applications:

Gated Estates Apartment Blocks
Business parks Office Complexes
Marinas Car Parks
Remote offices Emergency Call points
Gates & Barriers Hospitals & Clinics

TeleHawk2 may be ordered with additional facilities in various combinations:

  • Trades Button
  • Porter/Concierge Button
  • Trades Button + Porter/Concierge Button

SIMPLE AND USER FRIENDLY: TeleHawk2 is simplicity itself to use. All the instructions needed for a complete newcomer to operate the system are engraved on the main panel. The panel is also available to special order with the same instructions repeated in Braille characters and/or a backlit keypad (the keypad "5" numeral always bears the central 'pip' familiar to Braille users').

INSTALLER PROGRAMMABLE: TeleHawk2 may be programmed using the same commands and command syntax as used across the entire TeleHawk-2-3 range.

FAILSAFE Egress: Where the access barrier does not have a manual means of releasing the lock from the inside, an Egress Button can be attached to the TeleHawk2 to de-activate the lock electrically. The circuitry has been specifically designed to ensure reliable operation even in the event of power failure or telephone line failure. In any emergency situation, it is essential that personnel can exit a building easily - especially when services start going down...

COST EFFECTIVE: The combined cost of hardware and installation for a TeleHawk2 system is considerably less than the equivalent combined cost for installing a conventional hard-wired Door Entry system. TeleHawk2 can be installed and comissioned in a day. We know, because we do it ourselves; regularly.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE: Systems are designed and manufactured in the UK. They incorporate the latest technology and are built with reliability in mind.


  • Standard 2-wire telephone service connection meeting the TBR21 UK standard for PSTN lines (or GSM dialler -see below)
  • Nearby 13A 240VAC mains socket outlet (only if 12VDC PSU for optional video camera and/or door release solenoid is required)


  • Video camera: Mono, Colour or Infra Red (Low Light)
  • Mini PABX ("switcher") to allow 2 or more systems to share the same telephone line (the most economical solution where the building has more than one entrance needing to be controlled)
  • GSM Dialler - a practical solution where the system needs to be sited where there is no telephone cable available (such a site also needs to provide suitable housing for a 12VDC Lead-Acid storage battery).
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