Veermount Technology Limited

VoiceBox 2000

The Reliable Witness of the spoken word

What does it do?

It records all telephone traffic conducted on the telephone handset or the line to which it is connected.

What is the point of it?

  • To resolve disputes
  • To back up details taken over the telephone
  • To back up agreements made over the telephone
  • To support advice given over the telephone
  • To protect employees from unwarranted accusations
  • To jog ones memory regarding what was said

How does it work?

It connects to a telephone either via the telephone line, or if necessary via the handset cord. It starts recording immediately, storing each call individually on its hard disk.

Why should I record?

If you don't, when you need it, it is too late.


  • Date, time stamp and call serial number for each call record.
  • Secure software to prevent the erasure of recorded conversations.
  • All calls are recorded automatically unless selective deletion is enabled.
  • Records mains power breaks to identify unauthorized disconnection of power.
  • Unique pin code for each user for instances when the telephone is shared, or for a single user when access to information is considered confidential.

Other features:

  • In-built USB port to facilitate software updates via a PC link.
  • The resilience of the VoiceBox 2000 for single telephone line monitoring is unparalleled.
  • Equipped with an audio port to download selected recordings to another media.
  • Software updates may be supplied on a CD or downloaded from the Kestrel website by the user.
  • Optional software to allow the transfer of call logging data, call register data and recorded voice onto a PC via the USB port.
  • Optional user recorded announcement, informing the other party that the call is being recorded.
  • Activated automatically for each incoming call, or by the press of the star button on the VoiceBox keypad after the call is connected for outgoing and incoming calls.


  • Very high quality of recording is achieved via 96 K-bit sampling.
  • Activated by lifting up the telephone handset or by voice.
  • Records date/time and call serial number for each call.
  • Stores the number dialed, or the incoming caller number (if CLI is available).*
  • Stores call logging data for each call.
  • Records incoming unanswered calls.*


Playback recorded conversations by selecting any of the following:

  • Date/time.
  • Call type. (e.g. incoming, outgoing, unanswered)
  • Call serial number.
  • Caller line identity.*
  • Dialled number.*
  • Latest recorded call.

*Only available on normal analogue telephone lines. If VoiceBox 2000 is connected via the handset of a digital private exchange, this information is not available. Programmable main and secondary numbers available as a ten button option.


Power Supply:
Operating temperature:
Number of voice channels:
Recording capacity:
300mm x 185mm x 60mm
1300 grams
240V AC at 25W
0 to 40 degrees Celsius
25 to 80% RH.
1200 Hours


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